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7 the reasons women are reluctant to wear the veil

1. the Veil is not interesting. He said a Muslim woman's hijaab should be willing to accept the truth of Islam, and no matter happy or unhappy. For a sense of fun that is measured by the barometer of passions that ruled himself.
2. Fear disobedience to parents who forbade him dressed in headscarf. The answer is the Prophet Muhammad has said in order not to obey a creature in disobedience to him.
3. Cannot buying the many need cloth . The answer , one who tells reason like it is due ( first ) he really very poor , thus unable to buying the islamic . Or ( both ) because she just reasons really , for he preferred a garment naked thus seeming hollow of his body or thigh seamless can look people .
4. Because it feels hot and steamy. The answer, hijaab in Arabic that the air is hotter alone capable of Islamic dress in other countries, why not? And those who feel the sultry and hot Islamic dress, they are unaware of the heat of the fire of hell for the people who open private parts. The Devils have been derailed, so they felt free from the heat of the world, but delivered it to the heat of the fire of hell.
5. Fear not istiqamah. They see examples of poor Muslim woman For wearing headscarf while, what's just first diligent, later also released. The answer is they take a sample (sample) that does not match, not the ideal woman (istiqamah) to run it. He said it was only to save himself. And he didn't want to wear the hijab because of the fear of not istiqamah. If only everyone thought so, surely they will leave the religion as a whole. People will not pray at all for fear of not istiqamah, fasting and prayer.
6. Fear not courting behavior, so as long as he has not married, then he is not wearing the hijab. The answer, is it actually doesn't actually speech. Just be bad in itself. Indeed, perkimpoian is the favor of God is given to anyone who desired. Most people believe that soul mate audah in God's hands. How many girls are berjlbab and close the aurat in fashion but more quickly than those who get a partner dressed sexy. Because the woman who likes sexy clothing will be made into a game for men kicks. Sexy dressed girls were seen as cheap girl. Real husband-husband who like women who dress bold, half-naked or beneran, opened the aurat and bermaksiat to God is not the type of good husband, Salih and soulless. He had no jealousy at all against the prohibitions of God and cannot provide succor to his wife in the future. So if the woman who like sexy clothes or let go of hijab with the goal of getting a good partner, then it really is a stupidity.
7. Saw a beautiful body gift or want to appreciate the pleasures of God given to him. She replied appreciating or thankful that with right servings. Thankful that with mengahrgai his commands, i.e. keeping the private parts, not to sell it.

10 legendary weapons

1. Excalibur is a sword type weapons that appear in the legend of the United Kingdom and beyond. This sword belonged to King Arthur when she's the only one who managed to mancabut a powerful sword stuck in a rock. Allegedly, the Excalibur added a special magical powers that have elements of Justice and sovereignty.
2. Vajra is the weapon of Indra of Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. Is told that Lord Indra used the Vajra to punish human beings sinned and who would not obey. Vajra is the weapon described to cause lightning (similar to the owned by the god Zeus ' Thunderbolt).
3. Taming Sari is very well known in Malay culture that belongs to a great warrior named Legendary Hang Tuah. This is a gift from the Keris Majapahit after Hang Tuah managed to kill a great unbeatable named Taming Sari. The keris is said to have magical powers. Keris is able to kill his victim himself when his owner is being threatened or angry. Currently Kris is a treasure of Malaysia and is owned by the family of Sultan Azlan Shah.
4. Gungnir is a weapon in the form of a spear. The Spear is owned by the war God in the mythology of Norway who was named Odin. Is told that in the war of Ragnarok, Odin will fight against Fenrir using Gungnir. Allegedly, Gungnir created by a blacksmith named race of dwarf Dvalin.
5. The weapon is hammer mjöllnir is owned by Thor. The hammer has the power of Thunder and mystical elements that are terrific. In Norway, the Thor mythology never misses his target when hunting. Mjöllnir purportedly never though away from Thor's hands and may change who become so small that Thor Mjöllnir can carry easily.
6. Kusanagi is a legendary weapon of Japan who have a full name of the Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi?. Now the sword Kusanagi was in the shrine's buildings were, Nagoya and guarded by local monks. No one is allowed to see the pengunjungpun sword is so rumored that the sword was not there. According to legend, the sword was lost after the war Kusangi the sea and-no-Ura shortly after the Heike Clan was killed by Minamoto no Yoshitune
7. Zulfiqar is a type of sword that is very well known in Islam. Zulfiqar is the sword belonged to the Islamic prophet Muhammad. The sword was obtained at the time of the RAID Temples Manat Sa'd ibn Zayd al-Ashhali. Then the Prophet Muhammad gave to Ali (Islamic leader) and became a symbol of Shia Islam.
8. Honjo Masamune katana is dedicated to descendants of the Shogun Tokugawa during the Edo period. Honjo Masamune is the best sword ever made by an expert of the world at the time it was a sword named Masamune. Now, Honjo Masamune became one of the treasures of Japan since 1939
9. Moses ' rod is a stick that is given by God to Moses in the belief of Christianity and Islam. Moses never done miracles by using a stick. Among others, such as changing the sticks into snakes, bringing the plague in the land of Egypt to divide the sea. Now, these sticks are kept at a museum in the city of Istanbul, Turkey
10. Kris Mpu Gandring weapon is the kind of keris (sword of Java) which is named after its creator, Mpu Gandring on Kavi. Kris keris orders Mpu Gandring is focused upon Ken Arok (a wanderer) is booked just in time last night. Mentioned that the Keris is successfully created overnight using the powers belonging to the Mpu Gandring. But before the seath was made, Ken Arok come and pick it up. Ken Arok Mpu Gandring with reason not to keep the promise of delivery. Allegedly, those wreaked havoc Kris for its owners who are hungry for strength and power. Keris is said to be lost, but some experts believe that spiritual Kris this is actually hiding until the right moment to its appearance

the benefits of the fruit of star fruit

Heal the Gums bleed Blimbing Wuluh fruit Consumes both fresh starfruit or candied routinely every day two starfruit is eaten every day

Blimbing wuluh as a toothache five fruit carambola wuluh after washed clean chewed goggle- salt . Repeat many times until it goes away the pain of it .

Blimbing Wuluh as drugs Since sciatica One handheld leaf starfruit yg young 10 seed clove finely grinded pepper seeds 15 then add vinegar to taste. Lumurkan where sick

Blimbing Wuluh as Painkiller Panu Ten fruit washed and grinded starfruit smooth add lime betel nut of twisted acid until flat. This herb is used for rubbing skin afflicted by panu's reply. Do 2 times a day

Diabetes Drug as Blimbing Wuluh fruit Six starfruit crushed boiled with 1 glass of water until the water stays half strain drink 2 times a day.

Blimbing Wuluh as Drug Busting Acne Prepare 3 pieces fresh starfruit. Wash and clean. The fruit Peel and given a bit of salt. Stick on skin yg breakouts. Do 2 times a day. Fruit starfruit secukup washed then pounded finely mashed with salt water face scrub for seperlu yg breakouts. Do 3 times a day. 6 pieces starfruit and 1/2 teaspoon powdered sulfur milled smooth then kneaded with 2 tablespoons of lime juice. This herb is used for scrubbing and melumas face of yg breakouts. Do 2-3 times a day.

About me

my name is nopriwansa atawazun. i 'm the first of the two brothers . I live in the town of tangerang, and my parents worked as a civil servant employees. a hobby i played soccer , futsal , swim , and fitnes . I'm very fond of my parents because thanks to them I can be like this now. I am very eager to appease my parents with my own sweat, give something may be very small if seeing all the sacrifice my parents from my childhood until now. things I want to do for both of my parents, that I'd love to raise a second Hajj my parents with my own money. for the meantime I live far apart with my parents because I had to continue my education. While this I live in depok. my activities for now I in addition to college while working part-time. due to lighten the load of my parents. considering the cost of kost quite expensive regions depok. In addition to my family that I hold dear I also had a lover that I hold dear. her name is lulu ul jannah, she is very kind and always be my working hard in every activity and the work that I do.
I really love her, I hope if we can always together, a lot of things that are very exciting and blissful for strained relations with her. Although sometimes he likes to sucks because she likes to do not want to think and like all upset that I cannot grant the request of her . probably only a small fraction can I for some of my profile see next time

without you realize that you do this .

beautiful dialogue
but this is what is called the secret behind a secret .

I (A): Lord, may I ask you?
Lord (T): of course, my servants. Please?
A : yeah , but the promise you won 't be mad?
T : Yes I promise
A :Why do you allow a lot of BAD THINGS happened to me today?
T : what do you mean?
A : I woke up late?
T : yes,so?
A : my car is breaking down and take a long time for life
T : yes,so?
A : The bread had ordered were made unlike pesananku, I'm lazy to eat it.
T : hmm so?
A : On the way home, Mobile me suddenly dies while I'm talking big business.
T : right so?
A : And finally, when I got home, I just wanted to relax a little with the newly bought reflexology, but dead! How come nobody SMOOTHLY today?
T : Let me clarify my servants, there is the Angel of death this morning, and I sent mine Angel to do battle against it so that nothing bad happened to you. I let it fall asleep when it is.
A : oh but
T : I can't let you turn car on TIME there drunk driver passes karna in the street and will HIT you.
A : crouched
T : Burger Maker you're sick, I do not want you, therefore I'm Contracting had been shown the wrong work.
A : pull breath
T : Mobile you I make to die because they are FRAUDSTERS, I couldn't possibly let you be fooled. It will confuse your CONCENTRATION when driving in contact you when there is a nice Mobile lights up.
A : (my eyes teary) I understand God
T : (crying sniffle) Forgive me Lord
A : that 's it , don 't need to apologize . just learn to trust me .
i plan on you 're better than your own plans. please be assured that god is always good . please be assured and all efforts must be up to you .
Learn to always grateful for whatever happens , because to all are beautiful in time .

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pick me Honey

Women : baby .. i 've airport.kamu pick up on me , huh ?
Man      : You got roport ? not love know first anyway ? i overtime the nih , there are important work to do all it me finish .. maybe two hours just finished
Women : no problem honey, I will waiting you..
Men      : will you go home , you are suddenly , don 't you know more
women  : Sorry honey , brother again outside the city , mama again sick , besides want what ' s the first time i clay that you .. sorry if i troublesome you ..
Men      : yes , it is not what yes .. wait two hours

1 hour later
Women : Hello dear, not done yet Yes it works?
Men      : How would finished if you telephone continue ! ' yes wait an hour ago , bye ! 
Women :  Hello dear ...Well ... ...You've in turn.
See the mobile telephone call from her girlfriend kept ringing, he was turning off the mobile telephone ...
At 10: 00 pm after job finished the man was directly to the airport without activating the mobile telephone in advance.He's looking for his girlfriend arriving airport, but not found. He then activate sms reply mobile telephone there are 5 waiver ... She called her boyfriend and the mobile telephone has been inactive.
"If not only was met , why should be angry mobile telephone the hell is to turn off", Angry...
The men were heading home his girlfriend but no people, he wants to go, however, stepped stalled when the ambulance came ...
The sister: ' Where's it cewe you! The villains were already penetrating my sister. He waiting you, not waiting his death!!!! many times I asked him to come home, she remains adamant tp nungguin ye ... about now, who would miss him, not you, but all of us ...

The guy was just silently sculpting without sound ... Read as sms from her girlfriend...
8: 25 pm dear why the phone turns off ?
8:30 pm dear unfinished Yes
8 : 40 pm dear one saw me continue .. :-( 
8: 45 pm I'm afraid, ye where honey?
8: 50 pm Yes already I'm home alone, actually I just want to say happy home anniversary for us, hence do not want picked up anyone ...
 Thanks dear for the 2nd year.I Love U, I'm sorry dear

what do you take care of the property right now , before the end of your sorry ...

list of sin if we leave time praying 5

1 . Dawn prayer : once someone muslim / muslimah leave dawn prayer , then reward be put in hell jahannam for 30 years hereafter and that means 60,000 year we live ever .

2 . Prayer is dzuhur : once someone muslim prayers dzuhur / muslimah left , then will he accept reward is sin as he had slain 1,000 men ummat islam . 

3. prayer is ASHAR: once someone is muslim/muslimah leave prayer is ASHAR, then the rewards would he thank is a sin as he had shut out/tear down the Kaaba.

4. prayer is Maghrib: once someone is muslim/muslimah left prayers at sunset, then the rewards would he thank is a sin as adultery he has with his parents on their own.

5. prayer is Ishaa: once someone is muslim/muslimah Ishaa prayers left, then the rewards would he thank is Allah SWT will not ridha he lived on the Earth, and his eating and drinking out of favor him